What is LPF?


It is an innovative postural and respiratory training system. LPF combines myofascial stretching and hypopressive and neurodynamic exercises, together with the latest teaching methodology in physical exercise science.

Excessive intra-abdominal pressure has a negative impact on different parts of the body, such as the back, the abdomen and the pelvic floor.


LPF focuses on reducing pressure, thus achieving more toned, flexible muscles, improved breathing and a healthy spine.

Bad postural habits or physical inactivity trigger imbalances and muscle weaknesses, which can lead to different problems.

Backache, hernias, urinary incontinence and even that “ugly” belly are just a few examples.

LPF helps prevent and rehabilitate these problems.

Both elite athletes and sedentary people can benefit from practicing LPF.

Our training program is designed so that health and physical exercise professionals can specialize in this area.

We offer our students an efficient tool to tackle these problems, that are so common among the population.